What is remittance?Remittance is foreign exchange sent to that country by a person of ethnic origin with a country but residing abroad.

The sender of foreign exchange to the home country is considered as a remittance, which may or may not hold nationality but must have ethnic origin with the foreign exchange receiving country. Assets considered as remittances include many types such as: foreign currency, valuable papers such as foreign currency, international standard gold, etc. (Xf. Foreign exchange). Vietnamese law allows Vietnamese living abroad to send home an unlimited amount of foreign exchange and tax-free.

The importance of remittances
In addition to knowing what remittances are, you also need to know the importance of remittances. This is very important money for many countries. Especially for developing countries like Vietnam. The importance of remittances is reflected in the following points:

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Conditions for remittance
What are the conditions for remittance? To be able to transfer remittances to Vietnam, you need to meet the following simple conditions:

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