Australia – A land of abundance, a beautiful home of fascinating, rich natural attractions and a multicultural country characterized by welcoming all nationalities, backgrounds and religions. . That is also the reason why Vietnamese settlers live, study and work here a lot.

With the rapid development of infrastructure, convenient transportation, geographical distance is narrowed. You want to buy an item from Australia to bring back to Vietnam and don’t know how to ship it. Or want to import goods from Australia to sell or send goods from Vietnam to there. Indeed, it is very difficult, complicated and if there is, the wait is also very long. From now on, you can completely send goods, gifts, letters to Australia and vice versa from Australia to Vietnam by service.

If you are still wondering whether to choose a quality and reputable unit, U-Live is an option. U-Live is proud to be one of the companies with the cheapest Australian freight rates in Vietnam. In addition, we have the safest cargo insurance policy today for customers.

Reasons you should choose U-Live’s Vietnam – Australia freight service
Years of experience
As a unit with many years of experience in the field of transporting goods from Vietnam to Australia. From there we can solve any cases that arise with your order as quickly and simply as possible.

“Soft” price
is one of the very few units that has a shipping service with a lot of savings compared to the general market. You can rest assured with such a fee when sending goods to Australia for your relatives and friends.

Dedicated and professional staff
With a team of professionally trained and experienced staff, customers will surely be satisfied. We not only bring service but above all to the satisfaction and trust of customers.

Delivery time

With the motto “Delivery to your door”, U-Live always tries its best to shorten the shipping time as much as possible for your goods.

Bring peace of mind to customers
We will send you information on the tracking route of goods after shipment as well as 100% cargo insurance so you are completely safe with your goods. In order to gain the confidence of customers like today, we have made continuous efforts to improve service quality as well as build ourselves the most optimal prices to give customers the perfect choice. most perfect.

If you are in need of using the Australia – Vietnam 2-way freight service, please contact the information provided below.

Address: 141 Carondelet plaza , Clayton , MO 63105 , USA
Phone: +1 314 452 7023 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Zalo)


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