US-Vietnam bilateral relations

The US is one of Vietnam’s largest trading partners in recent years. A special feature of this market is that Vietnam always has a trade surplus with the US with increasing value. Since the Vietnam – US Bilateral Trade Agreement (BTA) took effect, two-way trade between Vietnam and the US has increased from 220 million USD in 1994 (the year the US lifted the economic embargo against Vietnam). ) to $1.4 billion in 2001 (the year before the BTA took effect) and officially reached $50.8 billion by the end of 2017.

In 2017 alone, according to data from the General Department of Customs, Vietnam exported $41.6 billion worth of goods to the US market, while US imports only reached $9.2 billion. As a result, the US became the largest market where Vietnam had a trade surplus in 2017, reaching US$32.4 billion.

Not only contributing to the balance of trade, the signing of multi-billion dollar contracts will create tens of thousands of jobs in the US, increase US exports to Vietnam and Vietnam to the US, contribute to improving the lives of many workers in the two countries.

“The two economies of Vietnam and the United States are completely complementary, and the more cooperation we strengthen, the more benefits we will have.”

US-Vietnam bilateral goods trading service
Not only in Vietnam but many other countries are very fond of goods made in the US. Even consumers no longer want to use products of their own country, but only buy goods from the US to use. This is for the following reasons:

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Why you should choose U-Live

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Ensure products are shipped to Vietnam in the shortest time. Shipping time by sea is 30-45 days and for US order by air is 7-15 days.

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For products that are damaged by the seller or by the shipping process, we will contact you to exchange and return the goods, ensuring the maximum benefits for customers when using the service of buying goods from the US to Vietnam.

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Choose the USA purchase service, you can pay directly at U-Live’s office, via Internet Banking or pay via COD.

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If you are in need of using the US-Vietnam Bilateral Purchase and Sale service, please contact the information provided below.

Address: 141 Carondelet plaza , Clayton , MO 63105 , USA
Phone: +1 314 452 7023 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Zalo)

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