Not only a developed country, Canada is also one of the richest countries in the world, with a per capita income ranked eighth globally. Canada’s Human Development Index ranks 11th. With such economic development conditions, Canada has attracted a large number of Vietnamese students to study here. And that is also a favorable condition for the shipping service industry to develop in this multicultural country.

As one of the most reputable freight forwarding companies to Canada. A reliable address of many import-export companies and customers with relatives in Canada. We specialize in transporting goods: agricultural products, frozen products, electrical appliances, foodstuffs, personal belongings, wooden statues… via Canada or abroad at low prices that are most beneficial to customers.

This type of item is not allowed to be sent to Canada
Prohibited items from being sent to Canada include:

  • Firecrackers, incendiary materials, military equipment or weapons.
  • Prohibited plant protection drugs, asbestos-containing materials, Amfibole group…
  • Scrap, waste or equipment for the production of C.F.C.
  • Opium, synthetic drug compounds…
  • Cultural products that affect law, politics, security and morality are prohibited from being circulated in Vietnam.
  • Gold, silver, precious stones as well as all kinds of items made from gold, silver, precious stones..
  • Used goods such as garments, furniture, electronics, refrigeration, etc.
  • Right-hand drive vehicles, garbage trucks, road sweepers, crane trucks, canal excavators…

Approaching customers who are import-export companies, individuals with relatives abroad, receiving a variety of goods, we understand the rules of sending goods to Canada; How to best serve customers so that the trip is smooth and smooth.

Once we have received your goods sent to Canada, we guarantee the safety of the goods, the exact arrival time as in the contract of carriage. Staff regularly monitor the schedule to update you with important destinations.

Whether in the peak months when transporting goods by sea or by plane, we always meet the delivery time to Canada no matter how large the bulk cargo is, there is enough room to send it.

If you are in need of using the Canada – Vietnam 2-way freight service, please contact the information provided below.

Address: 141 Carondelet plaza , Clayton , MO 63105 , USA
Phone: +1 314 452 7023 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Zalo)

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